AFL Laser cutting system

Main technical characteristics
of laser cutting machine AFL series

Laser source
Laser source type Ytterbium fibre
Beam transfer from laser source Optical fibre
Focused laser beam spot diameter 0.07-0.15 mm
Supplied laser sources power 1000; 2000; 3000 W
Laser source efficiency factor, not less than 30%
Motion System
Kinematic scheme of laser cutting machine Gantry-type, fixed sheet
Basic processing margins 1250 x 2500,
X, Y axis drive Linear
Z axis drive Servo
Axis positioning accuracy (X, Y) ± 0.01mm
Maximum travelling speed along linear coordinates 100 m/min
Autofocus system Non-contact
General specifications
Cooling system type Self-contained
Mains supply specifications ~380±18%; 50Hz; 3-phase
Power consumption of laser machine no more than 8.0 kW (for a 1 kW laser)


  • Manufacturer's maintenance service not needed
  • Low operation costs
  • Highest reliability
  • High quality of processing

Laser cutting machine with fibre laser source using linear motors. Highest reliability and efficiency. Ease of use.

AFL Laser cutting systems are implemented on a strengthened frame and rigid linear motors. The system is equipped with a special containment area providing Class 1 laser protection. The equipment complies with all EU safety standards.

The system is equipped with a pull-out table providing access to the table during loading and unloading of metal. To collect small items the system is equipped with retractable mesh trays. A special exhaust system is provided for removal of gases released during processing.

Special features

The AFL's laser cutting machine gantry mechanism utilizes precision synchronous linear motors, which provide the highest precision and dynamics of processing. This configuration is significantly more reliable than similar equipment of a rack and ball screw type.

Precision linear drive

LTC75 laser machine uses gantry-based precision linear drive, providing in combination with high-precision guides maximum accuracy and dynamics of processing and ensures stability of these characteristics during the lifetime of the laser system.
Direct drive is the most high-tech solution allowing to fully utilize the laser source's potential.

Fibre laser source

LTC75 laser machine uses ytterbium fibre laser source. This type of laser sources ensures extremely low power consumption due to high efficiency of the active element and low operating and maintenance costs, based on simplicity of the design of the source.

The laser beam demonstrates high quality and high energy density. In contrast to CO2 sources, the fibre source does not require an optical path, because the beam comes from the source into the cutting zone through the fibre. Besides the source does not require laser gas.


- Cutting speed is 60-100% faster than that of CO2 laser
- 70% less power consumption
- Does not require laser gases
- No moving parts in the design (turbine, etc.)
- Virtually maintenance free
- Is capable to process non-ferrous metals
- Highest reliability


The software of the laser cutting machine allows to load, process and execute job files, as well as to load and process task files in common CAD formats or G-codes.

Control job drawing files can be imported in the form of HPGL- compatible files (plt) or .dxf files from any graphic editor (CAD- system , AutoCAD, Corel-Draw, Compass , etc.)

Self-diagnostics system

The software allows to perform self-diagnostics of the system while in operation, identify and prevent faults.

Surface tracking system

LTC75 Laser cutting machine is equipped with a surface tracking system, which ensures the highest processing quality, regardless of the curvature of the surface of the metal. The tracking system uses a non-contact capacitive position sensor with a wide frequency bandwidth, which allows to respond to minimal changes of the surface of the processed item.

Tracking starts automatically before the cutting cycle. This ensures a high positioning accuracy.

Cooling System

An autonomous closed-loop cooling system of high stability, maintaining the temperature of the laser source and electronic components within the required operating limit with a tolerance of ± 1° C.

  • AFL laser cutting machine - is the most reliable technical solutions for continuous non-stop operation.