AFX Laser cutting system

Main technical characteristics
sof AFX series laser cutting machine

Laser source
Laser source type Ytterbium fibre
Beam transfer from laser Optical fibre
Focused laser beam spot diameter 0.07-0.15 mm
Supplied laser sources power 2000; 3000; 4000; 5000 W
Laser source efficiency factor, not less than 30%
Motion System
Kinematic scheme of laser cutting machine Gantry-type, fixed sheet
Basic processing margins 3000x1500;
Drive for X, Y axis Linear
Z axis drive Servo
Axis positioning accuracy (X, Y) ± 0.01mm
Maximum travelling speed along linear coordinates 120 m/min
General specifications
Mains supply specifications ~380±18%; 50Hz; 3-phase
Power consumption of laser machine no more than 15.0 kW (for a 2 kW laser)
Cooling system type standalone


  • Manufacturer's maintenance service not needed
  • Low operating costs
  • Highest reliability
  • High quality of processing

Fibre laser cutting system. Extreme performance, minimum operating costs.

The AFX Laser cutting system has a 2-pallet shuttle table providing materials cutting without any processing time loss for the replacement of blanks. The machine's rigid frame combination with highly dynamic linear motors provides extreme processing dynamics.

The AFX Laser cutting system is equipped with conveyor system for waste disposal. This solution allows to significantly reduce the maintenance time of the laser cutting system. The machine allows to control the cutting process using a camera, which is integrated in the inside of the containment area.

Special features

The AFX's laser cutting machine gantry mechanism utilizes precision synchronous linear motors, which provide the highest precision and dynamics of processing. This configuration is significantly more reliable than similar equipment of a rack and ball screw type.