Laser cutting of metal

Benefits of laser cutting equipment

- High quality of processing
Laser cutting provides the highest quality of processing, which is unattainable by plasma and flame cutting.
- High performance
Laser cutting equipment allows to achieve the highest processing performance.
- High processing precision
The modern laser equipment allows to obtain accuracy of the order of 0.005 mm
- High reliability and stability of systems
The application of a fibre laser source in combination with precision motion systems using linear drives can significantly improve the reliability of the manufactured equipment and virtually eliminates the need in the special maintenance service.

Laser cutting is the most effective processing method of sheet metal, allowing to achieve excellent quality and high performance of the process

Laser cutting of sheet metal

Laser cutting is one of the most modern and efficient methods of cutting of thin and medium sheet metal. The focused laser beam provides a high-temperature local heating of the material, which makes it possible to achieve high quality cutting.

The laser cutting technology allows to obtain narrow cuts of high quality, with minimal heat-affected area on the workpiece, thus preserving the physical and chemical properties of the processed material. Due to its processing peculiarities laser cutting is the most high-precision, high-performance cutting method of sheet metal.

Video of the cutting process of steel using AFL Laser cutting machine

Peculiarities of laser cutting

The technology of laser cutting of metal is effectively used both for cutting of large batches of similar parts, and for small-scale production mix. The equipment for laser cutting does not require any retooling or resetting when changing the configuration of the workpiece, which makes this method extremely flexible, and allows to continue cutting of the sheet without stopping, only changing the control program.

Laser cutting machines allow cutting of the material along the odd contour achieving the highest quality of processing. The thermal effect of laser radiation is extremely low due to exclusively localized contact with the processed workpiece, making possible to avoid distortion other forms of deformation of the workpiece. The resulting cut is of high quality and can be used without further mechanical processing.

Laser cutting of metal does not require special fixing for workpieces compared with mechanical processing methods, which substantially reduces the time required for the replacement of material. The precision of laser cutting is higher than that of mechanical processing methods, as during mechanical processing tool wear occurs.

Cutting steel

Laser cutting of steel is performed in an oxygen environment and allows to achieve a high quality of workpices along with the highest productivity of the process.

Cutting stainless steel

The peculiarity of laser cutting of stainless steels is the need to obtain edges of the cut without oxidized surface. In this case, a nitrogen environment is used eliminating the burning of the material in the process of cutting.

Cutting aluminium

Cutting of aluminium is quite a challenge for thermal methods of processing of materials due to high thermal conductivity of this metal. This problem is solved by using modern fibre lasers which allow to achieve the highest quality during laser cutting of aluminium without dross and sagging.

Equipment for laser cutting of metal

ARAMIS laser systems use fiber sources of new generation, which allow to achieve the highest quality of processing, high productivity as well as maximum system reliability. The application of linear drives in laser cutting equipment allows make the most of the capabilities of the laser source due to high precision, dynamism and reliability of this solution. Precision linear drive allows to cut with maximum speed limited only by the power of the laser source, as well as to realize the highest speed of idle movements, to obtain an advanced precision characteristics and ensure that they are the same throughout the lifetime of the laser system.

  • Laser cutting is an advanced solution to achieve maximum efficiency in the processing of thin and medium sheet metal.