LTG7 Laser engraver

Main technical characteristics
of LTG7 Laser engraver

Laser source
Laser source type Fiber
Focused laser beam spot diameter 0.01-0.08 mm
Average power of supplied laser sources Up to 200 W
Motion System
Standard processing margins 800x600 mm
X, Y axis drive linear
X-Y-axis resolution ± 0.001 mm
Z axis drive Incremental
Resolution of galvano scanner Up to 12,000 dpi
General specifications
Mains supply specifications ~380±18%; 50Hz; 3-phase
Weight of laser engraver, not more than 100 kg


  • Manufacturer's maintenance service not needed
  • Low operating costs
  • Highest reliability
  • High quality of processing

Engraving of large images using laser engraving. Allows to obtain high quality images with high efficiency.

Laser engraver LTG7

The LTG7 Laser engraver is designed for industrial engraving of markings using laser engraving.

The LTG7 Laser engraver features precision mechanics in conjunction with precision galvano scanner. This solution allows engraving of continuous large images without loss of accuracy and quality of engraving.

Operation principle

The images are engraved using a precision biaxial galvano scanner, which is moved along the processed surface by a precision gantry mechanism. This configuration allows engraving on the surface, the size of which is limited only by the size of the selected gantry mechanism. The machine can be equipped with a solid state, CO2 or fibre laser source, depending on the intended processed materials. The engraver is controlled using an IBM PC compatible computer with a modern CNC system.


The software of the laser engraver allows to prepare job files both in vector and in raster modes. The processing parameters are set manually. The software provides self-diagnostics and faults identification. Supported data formats: HPGL-compatible files, DXF-files, BMP, and other formats supported by popular graphic editors.