WCT2 Waterjet cutting machine

Main technical characteristics
of WCT2 waterjet cutting machine

High-pressure system
Fluid pressure at the nozzle exit 4200 atm
Maximum flow rate of working fluid 3.8 l/min
Motion System
Standard processing margins 3000×1500;2500×1250;
Linear coordinates (X, Y) drive of the gantry Linear
Z axis drive Servo
Axis positioning accuracy (X, Y) ± 0.01mm
General specifications
Average abrasive consumption 0.15-0.5 kg/min
Nozzle diameter 0.7-1.2 mm
Cooling system type self-contained
Mains supply specifications ~380±18%; 50Hz; 3-phase
Power consumption of the waterjet, not more than 39.0 kW

Waterjet cutting machine using linear motors. Precision processing accuracy. High reliability.

Waterjet WTC2

The WCT2 Waterjet cutting machine is designed for cutting and contour cutting of materials with high accuracy. The machine's gantry is implemented using synchronous linear motors and provides precision contour cutting. Processing is performed on a fixed workpiece.

Intended use

Precision engineering, construction, design processing, nuclear energy, production of rubber products, production of stone products.

  • The WCT2 Waterjet cutting machine is a high-tech solution providing the highest quality of processing by waterjet cutting technology.


The waterjet cutting machine is equipped with specialized software, which allows to make the most of the advantages of the drives and processing systems of the machine. The software of the machine allows to process job files, which can be imported in the form of HPGL-compatible files or DXF-files from any CAD system. Type of programming system: Standard GM-codes.